Monday, 10 March 2014

Shame on you!!

Right now Uncle Flo and myself are deep in the theatre game. We have spent the last 8 weeks working with John Berkavitch (All Torque for those who remember) and the infamous Bboy Bugz to create what is set to be the one of the most original and unique pieces of HipHop theatre the world has ever seen (I shit you not). Marso, Katie P, Jonzi D, Lemn Sissay, Jamie Woon, Royce Wood Jr and Leo Kay have all had a hand in it amongst others and even everyones current favourite Poet Kate Tempest thinks it's good - she said "the best spoken word show I've ever seen". can't argue with that can you?

We will be spending the next 8 weeks or so travelling the country so if it comes near you do try to come and see it and then tweet about it with the hashtage #shamejb

you can find tour info here and more information on the show here