Sunday, 18 December 2011


BenJammin' and myself have spent the past two weeks in Edinburgh working with Tony Mills (Room 2 Manoeuver) and Daniel Aing doing R+D for a new show 'Without a Hitch'

Have a peek at the below videos to see some of the ideas we been playing with so far...

Its hard going for me and the Marine, with long days in the studio doing technique class, conditioning, creative tasks, acrobalance and much much more it is taking it's toll on our bodies. 

Last weekend despite 5 days of solid we still decided to go training on both saturday and sunday. we made a couple of videos of practice to give us something to do on the cold nights so have a peek and hope you enjoy them!

First Session in Leith with BenJammin' and EdSpoons

Edinburgh Training from ed stephen on Vimeo.

Sunday Livi practice with special guest appearances from local boys Iain Bru and Knuckles from Heavy Smokers

Edinburgh Training Part Two from ed stephen on Vimeo.

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Daniel Aing 


Sunday, 11 December 2011

ATD Expo Jam 2011

Last weekend saw Leeds city play host to the First ATD Expo Jam, with solo invited dancers qualifying at jams around the UK and Belgium and a 4 vs 4 competition. Ghetlow hit hard in the hometown with Beanz winning the solo competition and Zorro, Jingles and BenJammin' won the crew comp with the assistance of our boy Chus from R4M crew (Spain).

As both Flo and myself are part of the team that bring ATD to life we were part of the ATD movember effort, check us out with JB, Seb and Ste-Rex rocking a Mo-Unity.

Check out some of the boys appearing in the Official Promo for the Jam by Chaz B on Strife TV

 Below are two of our highlights for the players and fans out there below from the competition

Beanz vs AJ47

 Ghetlow Pirates vs Trinity Warriors

 A great end to a year of ATDs and we look forward to ATD London: Breakin Brass on the 20th January.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


In October while some of the others went to Just Jam I made the trip to Paris to visit Little French Will and to go to the cypher Jam Just4Rockers. It was the best jam i been to in ages with circles and callouts everywhere you looked for the whole time. We good to see how many good dancers there are in the city and it was inspiring to go to a jam that isn't competition focussed. It did have the french qualifier for Circle Kingz though i didn't pay much attention to that. the real highlight for me was seeing some of the old Aktuel Force Boys getting down, mega inspiration!

I made a little video to document the trip anyway, few appearances from some lovely parisian friends, and a special cameo from Infamous Ben, an old favourite from the Leeds days.

- Ed Spoon