Sunday, 26 December 2010

Mr. Spoons 2010 roundup.

The past year has been an eventful one for the pirates. We held a meeting at the end of 2009 and set a few clear goals for us to achieve in the coming year and amongst our plans we were aiming to get our new t shirts completed, a crew photo-shoot and trailer, hit some international jams and to generally get more organised.

I am happy to say that we have achieved many of our goals. The new logo shirts were completed, had a bunch of cool photos taken, made a little teaser trailer (ok, so the real deal has still not arrived yet, but it will be here shortly), we hit a bunch of stuff abroad (We had battles at Talk is Cheap Oslo, Chamberry HipHop Session, as well as solo missions including Zorro getting to the semi's of Circle Prinz Sweden with Darc Marc) and have been an active presence on the scene over here.

I would also say that it has been great to see the Young Louis Dollar$ stepping up to the plate, as well as welcoming on board the super fresh kid Chamos, our storytelling art and design wizard Kyed and the return of the young masterStringer from his Exile in Lord of the Rings Country. It really feels like the family is pulling together and growing.

Over the past year I have been doing a lot of thinking about me, my feelings towards, and my role within the crew. The number one thing that I am keen to stress is that I love the crew with all my heart, and I have the honour and privilege of being one of the few active members that can claim to be one of the original lowlifes that have been down and repping since day one. It really touched me to read the article by Grant on that spoke about the crew and its impact on him in such a nice way.

As i have grown up in the crew I have seen move trends, fashions and faces come and go in the scene around me, some for better some for worse. My life has changed and has taken me from being a student to a professional, from Leeds to London. One thing that has remained constant is the bond have with the other pirates, new and old as when we are together there is feeling or attitude that we share and makes for good times.

Nowadays I don't get the time to or feel the inclination to practice as much as I would like, which is regretful, but its also for me a part of growing up as other things have taken priority. I would say I am sad about this but I think that would be a lie as I am just not a 'box 1' contender really. I love the dance and I love to dance, but I also like an awful lot of other things too - the biggest blow comes from my ever losing battle against the beer belly and the ribbing from the crew because of it!

Marlons interview posted in the previous post really sums up a lot of my feelings towards the current scene and I am much less concerned with the competitive activities of the crew these days, and would rather just focus on how we develop as dancers and a family with the chance to still be competing as and when the crew asks it of me.

I am very lucky to be in a position where i make my living currently in the arts, so not only do I have the privilege of working with so many talented and creative young people with very bright futures ahead of them (TGA, Brink, the firm to name a few), but I also have the time to spend on my own little projects, dancing, travelling, helping Carl with StrikeCover, hassle the other Ghetlow Elder Statesman Bendie at his amazing self built business empire House of Billiam and juggle - there are worse things to do with your time!

2011 looks to be a good year for the crew, with trips already planned to StreetStar, Stockholm and possibly the states for ATD staple the Owdogg's wedding, all the usual competitions along with the Ghetlow London division running another Attention to Detail London on February 9th with the fantastic Brassroots and rumors of a jam being run up north. All hands on deck!

Merry Christmas!

-Ed Spoons

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Marlon from Havikoro speaking the truth. a lot of what he is saying is very relevant to the UK scene. a big influence on the growth of Ghetlow along with the other big names of his generation....big respect!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Strike Cover

Ghetlow Did a little help out for our friends at cheeky little vid to show behind the scenes the printing of the 'Set the letters free' Tee.

strike cover 'set the letters free' from ed stephen on Vimeo.

For more info click on the pic of our boy Gumpy Knucks to visit the Strike Cover homepage, or follow at