Sunday, 25 July 2010

Yo Ho Hello....

As Cap'n Spoons gave me shore leave to add to this blog thought I'd better write summat to avoid any plank walking punishment. Me name's Kyed and I'm an honourary Pirate for the purpose of doing art type things.
(I also do a bit of Privateering for Lord Bendie Of Billiam - more like clowning about though!)
Captain Cook had some bloke who drew/painted the newly discovered exotic plants and creatures on his voyage to New Zealand, Ghetlow Pirates have me to hijack various objects or materials - and make them Ghetlow; like the fine bottle of Rum and the improvised 'artistic' device(s) pictured above.
More wall/canvas and stuff hijacking to come....just waiting for the tide to change.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Real bboys wear....

As much as we love Dickies, Trucker Hats, slogan Tees, Puma Suedes, Pro Keds, Medallions, Bandannas and all that

Real Bboys wear these bad boys...


Quack...Ain't it Funky!!

More amazing imagery of the Godfather of Soul...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Soul Brother No. 1

Was browsing the sartorialist blog and this was so amazing i had to give it some airtime....

long live the king!!

Corporations are lying to you!!

yet another example of big business lying to the little people!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ghetlow's Cider (Bad) Taste Test!

This past weekend during a thrilling expedition to Morrisons in Leeds, Mr. Error and Mr. Spoons were joined by Papa Scholtz aka greasy Stef from Bad Taste in sampling some of the finest Ciders that were involved in an excellent 4 for £5.50 deal. Now for educational purposes we have present a guide to our discoveries...

Cider 1

Knights Premium Reserve

alcohol content: 5.8%

660ml bottle (initial bonus point.)

'fruit from the hills'

The general concencus on this beverage was that although we found it to be a light and easy drinking cider, it lacked in apple flavours. It left a rather tingly feeling on the tongue, though we finally decided that it it didnt taste of anything,it started like it was going to have a taste of somethingbut its taste. we were left wanting more, but not of that.

Cider 2

Gaymers Stewley SIngle Orchard

alcohol content 6.8%

500ml bottle

'intense bittersweet apple aroma with citrus zest and considered fruit notes - an exquisite example of the cider makers art'

We didnt really have too much to say about this except that it didnt really fulfill the claims it made on the package. it was more accurately a subtle aroma, and we found it tasted flat. This was identified by mr errington to be similar to that of a cheap champagne or bucksfizz. It also had a bitter aftertaste which we didnt really enjoy too much.

Cider 3

Henney's apple Sweet Cider

alcohol content 5.7%

500 ml bottle

'the best way to make cider is with high quality ingredients with a simple process - crisp light and refreshing, we care not if you are guzzling it or long as you enjoy it!'

originating from herefordshire, home of our new deck hand Mr. Chamos, we found this to be a most agreeable beverage. it had a strong appley aroma which greeted the nostrils eagerly as we brought iteh glasses to our lips. IT had an initial strong apple flavour and was rather sweet, which we all enjoyed greatly! This was our favourite cider so far and we were almost sad to have to move on afterwards.

Cider 4

Westons Premium Organic Cider

alcohol content 6.5%

500ml bottle

"with apples produced to soil association organic standards with a rich smooth character and is matured in old oak vats.'

We were intially impressed that the information on the bottle was printed in 10 differerent languages. we found it had a good smell, and it was speculated that it even had a hint of elderflower in its aroma. Had a strong apple taste and left a powerful aftertaste and it was considered to be quite 'tart'. we reasoned that this was the second best of the bunch, and mr. spoons would profess that he was rather partial to this as an after training drink in wetherspoons in holborn,


At this point in the proceedings Mr.Error added a new drink into proceedings...

Rose 1

Barefoot White Zinfandel

alcohol content 9%


Although exact label quotes were not taken it is billed as having a blend of pineapple and strawberry flavours and being deliciously fruity. Papa claimed it does like a fruit salad in a glass and would be a versatile wine for almost any situation. Error noted that it tasted a little like dissolved ice lollies but was not as slutty as a normal rose. Spoons claimed it was too fruity and went to bed.

The overall winner was...

Henney's apple Sweet Cider

Rum review coming soon.....