Sunday, 29 November 2009

who's house? Flo's House!

To mark Flo's official inclusion into the Ghetlow Pirates Family here are 10 facts about him.

1. Flo hates physical contact.

2. If possible he will watch the wright stuff and the fresh prince everyday

3. For the first 30 minutes of being awake Flo doesn't speak.

4. He has pasta for lunch everyday

5. After dinner he likes to have two pieces of toast (brown) with laughing cow and 2 pieces of fruit.

6. He always has chilli/spicy mince on a Monday.

7. Flo believes masterbation is unacceptable over the age of 21

8. He always, without fail, has a dead ringtone

9. Flo will priorities training over pretty much anything and will do what it takes to win his rounds.

10. Flo's key phrases are "pfffffff" and "come on now"

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