Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just about juste debout

Mr Spoons repped hard and got to the final for the UK Juste Debout toprock qualifier, spin took the win, big respect to him and Dbo for repping La Familia and the Uk to the fullest!! peep the footage on YAK films

Special Big shouts to Clare indahouse and Vicki Ibokwe from Uchenna dance for making it all possible and Make sure you make it along next time!!

Zorro making noice noise!

Big up to our boy Zorro, he got some super pimp pics done and is all over the shadesofredd blog rocking some of their fresh garms....

he is also repping the strike cover too for london town....

big up to

Johan Rosén for the shots and Zee's lovely lady Sabina for hooking up the blog appearance!!


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Words of Wisdom....

i seen this in an interview with palmer on and it contained one of the truest statements on bboying i seen...

“If you’re happy with life, it transcends into your b-boying,” he explains. “If I don’t train, but I’m happy, I’ll dance good. If I’m confident in my life, I have nothing to fear in my dancing. B-boys who are really, really good usually have a good outlook on life. Everything you do in life transcends into your dancing. I know b-boys who practice so much, but they don’t get nowhere. It’s not their drive to be good, but other things are holding them back.”

for the rest of the article click here...

The Future is bright, the future is GREEDY!

In my work i have the honour of working with a number of fantastically talented young people from all diciplines.

One such group are the Greedy Anorexics, who formed off the back of a couple of projects I ran at hoxton hall.

TGA are a collective of creative young people who are making things happen for themselves and doing some excellent work...check their videos below

thsi is the most recent work of art..

with previous works being fantastic videos for QuEST...

Peep their website , follow their twitter adn keep them peeled for more fantastic works from them in the future!!