Friday, 20 April 2012

Ben Jammin' Solo 2012

As a treat to show off one of our more recent members check out the video of our main man Ben Jammin' in full E-F-F-E-C-T....

We chose the music to honour his ongoing morrissey obsession and to give you a little insight into his inspiration and style...hope you can get down with that!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Breakin Brass brings you ATD TV!

The 6th April saw ATD return to London for its premium jam BREAKIN BRASS in collaboration with the incredible Brassroots.

Our young shipmate, Loi was enlisted (with the help of his glamorous assistant) to film a short documentary as a test for ATD TV...check it out below...

Special thanks to the sponsors :

House of Billiam
Strike Cover

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Something you do to nourish your soul...

I was chatting with Ben Jammin and the point came up that nowadays the younger generation Bboys have less of a grasp of what has come before...not that the information is not obtainable or hard to find, but that the sheer volume of footage available out there has actually meant there is less appreciation for it. This is by no means a rant but its just an observation of what is going on...

When we were starting out I remember getting stuff on VHS by hook or by crook and then watching the same bits over and over to get my fill...then the internet came along and you would spend an hour to download a 5 second clip of a Hungarian doing tombstones now its all there at your fingertips but its almost over saturated to the point that people dont know what to watch.

I was shocked when i spoke to some guys who hadnt seen Style Wars, Wild Style or Beat Street, as i guess these were passed on to my generation by the old/mid skoolers above us as essential watching and something to treasure, especially in the European tradition where as these things were the most direct connection to the source available at the time, they became almost sacred.

. Below is the interview with Ken Swift from style wars which is one of my favourites...

Some killer footage of him in there and you can see the root of his style and how he moves is unique to him, it was watching this stuff and seeing that all the dancers were different and recognisable by how they moved that made me realise what i needed to do for myself.

check this classic footage of Kenny in the Mid 90s , so good!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Just say YES!

Our good friend and retired Bboy from the Leeds days, Frank, has a great band that are doing well in London town, they just dropped a new video for their latest release...take 5 mins to have a look and support a great group of people making great music...and note Frank is rocking a House of Billiam Tee - keeping eth Ghetlow connection alive!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Webisode wait is over ..... PART 5!

You guys have had a long wait for the latest Webisode, we had a technical difficulty so the classic opening credits are missing, but all the content is there.... get a cuppa and take 15 minutes to catch up with what we been up to and what's coming up next!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ghetlow in Ireland - Dublin

So last week, Ghetlow was invited to perform and battle in Ireland for Skill Masters, the Irish finest jam.

Unfortunately, only me and Zorro were able to go (see previous posts for back stories).

To sum up the weekend:
-Flights at 6am are never a good idea
-Go on free breakfast!
-Lots of unhealthy food
-Too tired to dance
-Flo is a control freak
-Music was killa
-A bgirl won the under 18s battles, KILLA!
-"Party party part" lololol

Thanks to Lukasz and the whole team for looking after us!!!

Some pix for those who care:

Zorro after the flight inbound, tired pirate!

With Dark Mark and Kjetil - VIKINGS!

Jutsice will get you!

Final of the under 18s!

Graff expo and workshop

Yes!!! I win!

Big dog Rukus, winner of the jam!

Classic Mcdonalds abroad!

Back to Leeds, church meal with the homies!