Saturday, 30 October 2010

Just Jam 2010

Last weekend we sent a landing party to Just Jam in Newcastle. Captain Spoon, Flo, Jingy, Dollars and Stringer (fresh from his tour of service down under) went along and represented in the competition and the Cyphers. It was a long but fun day. footage is not sorted out yet, but below you can see a clip of the jam by Hektic (heavy Smokers) and look out for a great shot of Mr Spoons Beard at around the 5 minute mark...

Also there was a little outing for the young pups Stringer and Louis Dollars accomanied by the old man when they got a few cheeky rounds in against La Familia in the cyphers, footage below...

all in all it was a great day out and extra shouts to crew man erry for being involved in the Hiphop theatre night on the night before with new piece of choreography created especially for this years Breakin Convention tour
extra shouts to Hecktic for the vid ( Respect to all involved!!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Attention 2 Detail : London

Eddie Spoons in collaboration with Attention to Detail, Brassroots, House of Billiam and Eastpak presented Attention to Detail: London.

8 invited dancers competed one on one for eastpak and house of billiam goodies, to the live sounds of Brassroots reworked Brass Bboy Classics.

check the video below to see what went down!

Attention to Detail London from ed stephen on Vimeo.