Saturday, 25 February 2012

Song of the day!

Who reads the blog? HE DOES!

Alistair of the Cock Block Kings crew.
He mentioned the blog, he got IN!

Ghetlow workout coming soon....

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Classic(s) Leeds practice

I was invited up to Leeds this week to give a talk to final year classics students about what happens after university and how you get on in the world.

Obviously i told them all the fun things i do on a regular basis and after a post talk drinky poo i went to meet the rest of the gang, here is a little clip of the northern pirates in training last night...


Tuesday, 21 February 2012


a couple of weeks ago Zorro and Jammin were lucky enough to get over to Nantes to battle at HipOpSession. they teamed up with our boy from Madani from paris to fill their last spot. they lost in the first round to East Side Bboys but they did us proud and its a big push to get up to that next level!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Napoleon's revenge! Ghetlow and ATD in Belgium

So last week, we went to Belgium for our friend's jam: Pirate Cypher 6 (good name isn't it?).

Zorro was invited to judge and he had the best weekend ever: internet, coffee and everything else he loves!
Jamie Bell of ATD came too, he didn't throwdown or really got involved but he represented in his own way (falling asleep during the battles lol).
I went too and entered with the local legend: bboy Hayabusa!

The gossip is that:
-It was very cold
-It snowed
-Living with a couple whose names are Yu and Me can be a bit confusing!!!
-It was very cold
-We had a lot of Chinese food (not real Chinese food according to Zee)
-The battle took place in Waterloo
-It was very cold
-Our plane on the way back got delayed by 5 hours and Jamie's plug almost set the whole airport on fire

In other news, we won the whole jam, it was tough but we came through.
Here's the quarter final against some big dogs woof:

Jamie loving the debit card!

Cheeky picture (notice the brand new ghetlow tshirt, coming to a jam near you)

Mimi on the Japanese stance

The cypher itself!

Yu, our host with the most!

BBoy BBM in action!

More posts to come...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dundee Voyage

On the 21st January Ghetlow Pirates were invited by our good friends Tony Thrills and Matt Finish to perform at Breakin Rules at the Dundee Rep Theatre. Young deck hand Loi made a little film of the trip to preserve the memory, we had a great time and were proud to perform our first ever theatre piece as a crew 'A Pirates Life For Me'

check it out!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Break Mission Manchester!!!

So last weekend, me and Zorro took the win at a jam in Manchester. It was fun.

Here we are repping the Tshirts after the jam! ("It's a celebration b*tches!)

Our favorite battle of the day was against Beans and Shane, Ghetlow fam and that. HYPE!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

#UNITY in the community

As the Pirates like to have fun and drink Rum, I got stuck into organising a chilled but fun Funk soul and HipHop night in a local boozer where you can come along, get merry, dance a gig, meet nice people and have fun. 
11th February 2012
Howl at the Moon
178 Hoxton Street
7pm - 1am
Free Entry

for more info check the Facebook event here 

 - Ed Spoons 

SOZ mate

The other weekend we were asked to go and perform a small piece at the Dundee Rep as part of Breaking Rules. There is more to come about that, but before that gets a post, during rehearsal period we were lucky enough to have the young SOZ (Son Of Zorro) come down to visit with his dad, providing us all with inspiration and keeping us in a youthful state of mind...have a look what the big man got up to...

Doing up shoelaces all on his own in London town

Pirate Hooks out with Mr Ben Jammin'

Doing his very best Ed Spoons impression

Walking about with his dad
Chilling with the boys, special appearance from Dan Jose (organiser of Cardiff City Kings)