Sunday, 18 December 2011


BenJammin' and myself have spent the past two weeks in Edinburgh working with Tony Mills (Room 2 Manoeuver) and Daniel Aing doing R+D for a new show 'Without a Hitch'

Have a peek at the below videos to see some of the ideas we been playing with so far...

Its hard going for me and the Marine, with long days in the studio doing technique class, conditioning, creative tasks, acrobalance and much much more it is taking it's toll on our bodies. 

Last weekend despite 5 days of solid we still decided to go training on both saturday and sunday. we made a couple of videos of practice to give us something to do on the cold nights so have a peek and hope you enjoy them!

First Session in Leith with BenJammin' and EdSpoons

Edinburgh Training from ed stephen on Vimeo.

Sunday Livi practice with special guest appearances from local boys Iain Bru and Knuckles from Heavy Smokers

Edinburgh Training Part Two from ed stephen on Vimeo.

keep up to speed with what's going on at the R2M blog and follow our twitter accounts for instant updates
Daniel Aing 


Sunday, 11 December 2011

ATD Expo Jam 2011

Last weekend saw Leeds city play host to the First ATD Expo Jam, with solo invited dancers qualifying at jams around the UK and Belgium and a 4 vs 4 competition. Ghetlow hit hard in the hometown with Beanz winning the solo competition and Zorro, Jingles and BenJammin' won the crew comp with the assistance of our boy Chus from R4M crew (Spain).

As both Flo and myself are part of the team that bring ATD to life we were part of the ATD movember effort, check us out with JB, Seb and Ste-Rex rocking a Mo-Unity.

Check out some of the boys appearing in the Official Promo for the Jam by Chaz B on Strife TV

 Below are two of our highlights for the players and fans out there below from the competition

Beanz vs AJ47

 Ghetlow Pirates vs Trinity Warriors

 A great end to a year of ATDs and we look forward to ATD London: Breakin Brass on the 20th January.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


In October while some of the others went to Just Jam I made the trip to Paris to visit Little French Will and to go to the cypher Jam Just4Rockers. It was the best jam i been to in ages with circles and callouts everywhere you looked for the whole time. We good to see how many good dancers there are in the city and it was inspiring to go to a jam that isn't competition focussed. It did have the french qualifier for Circle Kingz though i didn't pay much attention to that. the real highlight for me was seeing some of the old Aktuel Force Boys getting down, mega inspiration!

I made a little video to document the trip anyway, few appearances from some lovely parisian friends, and a special cameo from Infamous Ben, an old favourite from the Leeds days.

- Ed Spoon

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mo'vember, mo'problems!

You might not know but myself and Ed are raising money for Movember (charity for male related cancer).

Watch out for some sexy facial hair and don't hesitate to donate!!!



Expect some pictures soon!!!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

This weekend...

Ed is in France, Zorro is in London and some of us are going to Just Jam in Newcastle... Check out the cheeky flyer...

Uploaded with

Be on the look out for some reviews soon!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

House of Billiam behind the scenes Lookbook exclusive!

As the most going off crew in the UK, possibly europe, it should come as no surprise that our very own founding father Bendie has since moved on from the rolling around on the floor of days gone by, but instead is now an up and coming big dog in the fashion world. His label House Of Billiam has gone from strength since he made his first hoody out of traditional suiting fabrics (which i might add Zorro is in possession of!) in 2007. With a shop due to open in the first of its kind shipping container pop up mall Boxpark, we were lucky enough, being crew and all to get a sneak peak, and those eagle eyed fans amongst you will spot our blue eyed charmer Thomasthe13th modelling for the bird man....Gwan Gumpy!

extra props go out to the fabulous Anthony Sparke for providing the soundtrack...

Monday, 17 October 2011


As many people know Flo and myself are part of the team that bring ATD to life along with the big captain Jamie Bell. We now run the london jam in collaboration with the amazing Brassroots at Richmix, Bethnal Green and hot of the press is this video accompanied by Brassroots fantastic original composition 'Black Eye Friday'
Thanks to all the dancers, the people who came through to support and a special big thanks to all our sponsors: 
House of Billiam 
Strike Cover 

Keep an eye on the facebook for more details of future events coming to a city near you soon!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

All Time Classic

this one is a classic that never gets old and set the benchmark for trash talk at practice...


You say you f*cking mess with me, I throw a brick in your face!

Eastbound & Down in probably the funniest program ever!!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Seven Wooden Spoons in Swindon

This video is a dedication to my good friend Seven who made a visit over to see us in london earlier in the year. we took a little road trip to swinny to see the boys with woodsy wonder...its probably not that interesting and there wasnt that much footage but its happy memories and was a good time and that... - Ed Spoons

Friday, 2 September 2011

Can't think of a witty title...

As the title says, I'm at a bit of a loss with this one, but our new pal Dan Jose sent me a link to a great little video he made to promote his old radio show Cardiff City Circus...a nice beat and a fun concept...made me smile it did...enjoy!

If you want to know get your self down to Howl at the Moon this coming saturday night, where it will be EdSpoons and Bendiebirds delayed birthday shindig brought to you with some great DJs including: Rich Roast (Mixcloud/Born2Rock), Dan Jose (Cardiff City Circus, Mixcloud), Orsii (Laidback Radio), M-Cutz and our good chum Mr. Chuckles from the fantastic Correspondents....BOOM!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Behind the scenes with Strike Cover

peep a quick little vid of what went into making the Ghetlow Pirates Playing Card T shirt with Mr Spoons and Strike Cover...Fun times, great track!!

big shouts to Kyed for the design.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Musical interlude...

our boy jingy is not only shredding the floor and smoking suckers all day, but he is also producing his very own brand of minimal experimental dubstep (if thats the right thing to call it)

have a listen and keep and eye on it, follow him on soundcloud, whatever, as he is gonna go a long way that kid!

Samsara V.I.P by Formless (dsfm)

Primaudial by Formless (dsfm)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

yoot dem!

I am very luck to have been in the position to run East London Dance's boys dance group, the firm, for the last 2 years. recently they have been getting more performance opportunities and they are making me proud. they have had a bit of advice and coaching from various members of the pirates on their journey, and I recently had to make a little promo video for them to help get them a gig at a shop launch, so enjoy and support the next generation!! - Ed Spoons

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

ghetlow TV: Glasto, Woodso and champso special!!

Its back, we had a busy few weeks so its time to catch up with whats been going down!
july webisode featuring glastonbury highlights, woodsy's birthday UK champs gossip and a run down of things to come....PEEP PEEP!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

and two more talking heads!

jammin and jingles also had a little chat, see what they had to say too!!

Zorro chatterboxing!

Zorro got involved in a cheeky little interview with the cats from winkball outside the regionals...check it out!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


keeping on the grind is key for the Pirates, and we got our fingers in many pies...flo and spoons are proud to be part of the team that brings you Attention to Detail.

Coming up this month we got the third ATD london brought to you in conjunction with Brassroots and Richmix. holding it on a friday this time means we have more time so can have a open qualifier too, so if you think you can hang then come get loose!! With 8 invited dancers and prizes from House of Billiam, Richmix, Strike Cover and Eastpak

to find out more check here and enjoy the flyer by our old pal woodsy...check his work out here!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


thats right people, we had a little break due to serious business but now we are back and have our third webisode for you to give you a little update on whats going on with the pirates and a sneal peek on what we have in store this summer...

get a cup of tea or pint of rum and enjoy!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

last king of cardiff

Flo and Chamos hit Cardiff City Kings last a couple of weekends ago, entering the 4 v 4 with just two men as all of the rest of the crew were unavailable...
the got through the quarters

and then Chamos had to catch his train home to avoid being stranded, so Flo manned up and took on Soul Mavericks on his jacks, big deal to step against people at the top of the game solo, but you know, he did pretty good!!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ghetlow x Strike Cover Collabo!

Captain Spoons moonlights as first mate for Strike Cover so with a cracking design from the engineer Kyed we managed to screen print a brand new Ghetlow Tee for the active members...
check the new design on the screen...

and the finished articles hanging on the line drying!

have a peek at the website and if you are feeling super generous, 'like' the facebook page.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just about juste debout

Mr Spoons repped hard and got to the final for the UK Juste Debout toprock qualifier, spin took the win, big respect to him and Dbo for repping La Familia and the Uk to the fullest!! peep the footage on YAK films

Special Big shouts to Clare indahouse and Vicki Ibokwe from Uchenna dance for making it all possible and Make sure you make it along next time!!

Zorro making noice noise!

Big up to our boy Zorro, he got some super pimp pics done and is all over the shadesofredd blog rocking some of their fresh garms....

he is also repping the strike cover too for london town....

big up to

Johan Rosén for the shots and Zee's lovely lady Sabina for hooking up the blog appearance!!


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Words of Wisdom....

i seen this in an interview with palmer on and it contained one of the truest statements on bboying i seen...

“If you’re happy with life, it transcends into your b-boying,” he explains. “If I don’t train, but I’m happy, I’ll dance good. If I’m confident in my life, I have nothing to fear in my dancing. B-boys who are really, really good usually have a good outlook on life. Everything you do in life transcends into your dancing. I know b-boys who practice so much, but they don’t get nowhere. It’s not their drive to be good, but other things are holding them back.”

for the rest of the article click here...

The Future is bright, the future is GREEDY!

In my work i have the honour of working with a number of fantastically talented young people from all diciplines.

One such group are the Greedy Anorexics, who formed off the back of a couple of projects I ran at hoxton hall.

TGA are a collective of creative young people who are making things happen for themselves and doing some excellent work...check their videos below

thsi is the most recent work of art..

with previous works being fantastic videos for QuEST...

Peep their website , follow their twitter adn keep them peeled for more fantastic works from them in the future!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

even ships have spotify!!

We love STRIKE COVER and Cap'n Spoons contributed to the devising of a truely fantastic HipHop spotify playlist...

follow the lovely link below, subscribe get your hustle game on kid!